Trouble breathing

This story was told by a person incarcerated at Chuckawalla.

Caller: But I’ve had friends who got hit hard. Their lungs, they had a hard time breathing. They put him on oxygen at saturation five and sent them to the hospitals around the area. From what I understand, the hospitals were great. These guys were really, they worked hard to help these inmates.

Actually, you know, made them feel more like human beings than inmates then, you know, like staff here does. So, they ended up moving us. So, we ended up getting it, they put us in, what they have is isolation building. It’s on our yard. Another thing too, yeah, it’s on our yard. I guess that’s a state-wide program. Each prison’s supposed to have one building that’s just for isolation. Now all they really do there is they just monitor or take our vitals.

They really don’t offer any other, anything like, you know, as far as – well, I mean they offer, maybe if you have a problem, they’ll give you medical. But you would think that they would give you extra fluids, extra juice, extra fruit. Things to help boost your immune system, but they don’t. It’s like almost like they want us to get it. Because once we all have it, then our yard will be pretty much like the other yards and they can get to somewhat of a normal program because we’ve all been infected.

So, the ones they didn’t move to this isolation building, they spread out and put them in ad seg or family visiting building. Which had infected and pretty much the next building and they all shared the same ventilation system. So, you were guaranteed to get it. They put people in the hole ad seg A3 that didn’t have it because they wanted to separate them.

But instead, the hole is also holding people that have it. And it’s all the same ventilation. So, you’re pretty much guaranteeing somebody to get it. Then they end up in our yard. They end up back in the quarantine building because now they’re positive. Their test results, they kind of had a slow return on them. And we would test on a Monday and we wouldn’t find anything until Thursday. And it seemed like the staff is …