Trying to help us

This story was told by a person incarcerated at Solano.

UCI: And then, how has what’s been going on inside – has it affected the people you know on the outside? Like any loved ones – have they been …

Caller: Yeah.

UCI: … worried?

Caller: Yeah. Because, you know, for one, the visiting has been shut down since like February. You know? So they’ve been – I mean I give the system some credit, though.

They’ve been trying to help us in ways like, you know, we have the phone calls that we make on the wall. And they’re giving us free phone calls, certain days, throughout the month. You know? They’ve let us order – instead of two packages – I mean a package a quarter – they’ve raised it up where we can – even though, they’re making a little money, too – it’s where we can order more packages now, you know, to help, as far as getting food in your locker and stuff. They’ve – and just, you know, they’ve been giving us our masks and everything.

Where I work at, they’re trying to get it to where they’re giving us, pretty much, safer, better measures, as far as cleaning up everything and dealing with San Quentin’s clothing. You know?