Trying to transfer

This story was told by a person incarcerated at Chuckawalla.

UCI: Can I ask how this has affected you – I’ve heard some people report that like they’ve been unable to, you know, see their loved ones or your visitation’s been affected. Can you describe that for me at all?

Caller: Well, everything, everything – I’m trying to get a transfer back so I can get closer to my family and friends up north in Northern California. You know, I need to get closer to my brother and everything. My mother died last year November 28th. And, you know, the best part about is I’ve got in touch with my other side of the family. But, you know, at the same time though, I’m not even from Southern California.

But they got me all the way down here stranded away from my family and friends. And I don’t know what could potentially happen. So, it has an affect on my psyche, you know, because they’ve been doing this, you know, practically my whole commitment. Trying to keep me away from my family. So … And I finally got to an institution based on good behavior, and it seems like it’s happening all over again.

UCI: You’re in like a lower-level security facility now? I’m not familiar with the one you’re in.

Caller: Yeah. Yeah, I was in the maximum security for the last 20 years before I ended up going to a level three, which is medium security. Then I did two years clean on a medium security, then they sent me all the way down here to this minimum security when I actually requested to go to a minimum security in Stockton where my brother lives. But they never honored that. And I was a programmer and everything.