Turn to dust

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Lancaster.

There are a lot of people in CA prisons with life sentences that are either innocent or have been overcharged due to the program of mass incarceration and the system does absolutely nothing about it. They in fact make sure that these people stay in prison until they turn to dust. The system is not even considering compensation for those who have either been wrongfully convicted, overcharged, who have excellent prison records and are first timers with LWOP. They do nothing except make sure everyone stays in prison. Especially the innocent- because the program of mass incarceration has to do with making money off of warehousing people.

They know the innocent will never come back to prison, so they can’t make money off of the innocent, so they’ll never let them go free. They have no problem freeing career criminals. This agenda puts the general public in danger in California. The safest people to release are the innocent- especially those who are in prison for the first time- because they are not criminals!