Uncaring attitude

This story was told by a person incarcerated at Chuckawalla.

UCI: Thank you. What else do you want people to know about your experience?

Caller: There’s not much. I mean, I’m young. I’m young, so I’m healthy, so I’m, but you still got a lot of individuals here that are – that are older and that have a health problem, so that’s – that’s kind of like a – a number one concern with their with mine that, you know, I – I feel for these older gentlemen here that have to go through it, too, with poor medical, you know, and they – they really don’t – don’t snap to when people, you know, feeling sick, and sometimes that right there takes a toll on us, too, as well because seem like they don’t care.

Not too long ago, maybe like a week ago, a older gentleman really couldn’t breathe or had problems with chest pain and I think one of them said, I will take you later. And they took him later. So that was kind of weird, but – sometimes they have an attitude of they don’t care or it’s not a big deal or we all got it, so who cares. So that’s kind of a – it’s a – it’s a – it’s been an experience going – going through this incarcerated.

It’s – I don’t think we – none of us would have ever seen this before or even thought it would happen, so that’s kind of a – that’s kind of a bad experience to go through in here. There’s really not much we could do, so that’s pretty much it.