Waiting for results

This story was told by a person incarcerated at Mule Creek.

Caller: Well, I was just going to say thankfully I had no serious symptoms from it, very, very mild. I’ve had the flu way worse than what I’ve had, you know, from this. But I have seen many guys in there that were just, you know, really suffering, and they were just left in there. Matter of fact, before I even went to the gym, there was a guy in my housing unit who was very sick, and he even told them that he was, and they didn’t – they just left him there.

They didn’t take him because his test results hadn’t come back is all I can assume, because once your test results came back from your COVID, that’s when they isolated you in the gym or in another housing unit that they had designated for isolation.

UCI: And when you guys are – you know, let’s say you test positive. Are you given any medical attention at all if you need it?

Caller: Well, they monitor your symptoms.

I know a bunch of people who were given cough drops, vitamins, which me personally I never received. Thankfully, I didn’t need them. But, yeah, if they get serious enough, their O2 saturation drops down to a certain level, they have taken guys out to the hospital. And I know there was a few that left the gym while I was there, and we got word back that one of them had died. I don’t know who. But, yeah.