Wearing N95 masks

This story was told by a person incarcerated at Avenal.

UCI: And what is the current COVID-19 situation at your facility? What is going okay?

Caller: What is it like?

UCI: Yeah.

Caller: I guess the – right now everybody’s wearing a N95 mask. They’re trying to do social distancing, but Avenal State Prison is one of the few prisons in California that are dorm living.

So social distancing is – is pretty impossible, you know?

UCI: What do you think is going okay at your – your facility?

Caller: They got the building separated. You only go out to yard about an hour and a half with your own building.

So you don’t have contact with the – all the other buildings, which I think is okay. Makes sense.

You know some of the other buildings you have positive – positive inmates.