We’re stuck

This story was told by a person incarcerated at Avenal.

UCI: Do you have any ideas of what the prison should do to make the situation better?

Caller: Oh man, I don’t know. The only thing they can try to do is – I don’t even know. Practice safe actually for while they’re out there because they’re the only ones that can spread it and get it, because we’re stuck. There’s nothing for us to do but … I mean we can only do so much, wash our hands so many times, wear the mask. But, you know, we’re stuck.

UCI: How have you been coping with everything that’s been happening. Like are you mentally fine?

Caller: Oh yeah, I’m fine. I’ve been trying to – well see because I get tested every Friday, everybody that tested positive, they don’t get tested no more.

UCI: Oh, they don’t?

Caller: And then they get signs or symptoms. So, because I’m negative, I get tested every Friday. So, now I’m hoping – I was asking to try to get antibody tested to verify that I already had it.

Because I don’t want to get tested no more. I’m tired of getting tested every Friday. It’s getting a little old, so. But I’m fine. I live with it. I don’t, I walk around with no mask. I mean I play soccer. I play sports. I mean nothing’s changed. I’m doing the same thing I did like before the COVID.