Whirlpool abyss

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Soledad.


I wrote a few poems after being shown me an opportunity for my voice a vision to be heard. I’ve been incarcerated for about 19 months.

CDCR is a big business that has slaves and does not care about human life. In California alone, there’s more state prisons than university colleges. To make a long story longer, the warden lets this rascal conduct between Whites, Black, Mexican, and others go on … on top COVID-19 findings, ways to kill my brothers and sisters at an alarming rate. And what does CDCR do? Shut down visitations, stop education, matter of fact everything.

How are we supposed to learn? How are we supposed to earn credits for time off? How are we supposed to work for CDCR when we make 0.08 cents an hour? How are we suppose to stay six feet from people when I have a cellmate? How come the warden isn’t taking the matter seriously? They don’t care. CDCR doesn’t care. To them were just another number caught in the cycle. The system is a whirlpool abyss.

12-26-20 motivate

I had to excavate to find myself in a miserable place, self educate and motivate, since COVID came pushing myself to be great, waking up to go to sleep, sleeping to wake up in the midst, stay blessed up.

Health is wealth when the going gets hard and you feel that you are at your breaking point to give up. Stay with it because this is your breakthrough coming to fruition. Never give up, never quit. I believe in you. Exercise the mind. Time on earth is valuable, for all is temporary. Life is what you make it. Believe, trust, hope, love and have faith all things are possible.

STS, screw the system.

Do you know how it feels to put in a blue jumpsuit?

Lifetime wasted, some lives snatch, CDCR stamp!

We against its racist policing, mental health, no help can fix it.

Sharing dirty needles, dopefiend icthin’, havin sex in kitchen, yard workers and porter, workin’ for scraps, nothing on my books, the CO got me in check.

California is a chick and she’ll screw you, don’t be a nail, be the hammer, hard work pays off.