Written us off

This letter was written by a person incarcerated at Jamestown.

I am considered a violent offender because of robbery, yet no one was physically harmed in my case. I have been denied ACP (ankle monitor) due to this and MCRP (living facility) because the program is not in my county.

I am still in need of a surgery to put my eye back in place to restore my vision. I was well on my way to becoming a firefighter upon parole. But now my course has been altered and I can’t get the help I am in need of because of my crime and lack of care.

The people have written us off for the most part. We watch the news daily. It is our only connection to the outside world. And as much as people are hurting out there we aren’t even more in here. Prison heightens everything!

And now with COVID it is even worse!! I am on quarantine as I write this. I am currently trying to make my way back to camp. But due to the constant complications, we are delayed time and time again.

I have went 10 years without serious infraction. I have been working for the community and earning my way back into society. But all of that is overlooked in the midst of COVID. We as violent offender should be looked at on a case by case.

I am within six months of release. I have worked hard to go from a max 4 yard to a low-custody camp. I would not be a burden on my community, and that I would be an asset. And there are others like me. Cases where no one has been physically harmed. Prisoners who are close to release.

I have a family. A mother in her 60s and grandmother close to 90. A wife. And they need me more than ever!!! I have not seen my mother in two years and my grandmother in at least seven.

People are dying by the thousands, and we are left in here. I have been in here since I was 18 years old. I just turned 31 in December. And I looked forward to making something of myself. Of coming home and taking what I have worked hard to achieve and help my family.

I spent 2020 questioning if I would make it out of here alive. By the grace of God I have not contracted COVID. But many have and many have not made it. I hope that my account can do some good and help you. And I pray that this finds you in good health.

Well wishes.