Doing nothing

This story was told by a person incarcerated at Chuckawalla.

UCI: What facility are you currently housed at?

Caller: Chuckawalla Valley State Prison.

UCI: And what is your current COVID-19 situation at your facility?

Caller: Like if I got the COVID-19? I had got it.

UCI: You’ve gotten COVID-19?

Caller: Yes. I got it in May.

UCI: And how is your facility dealing with the situation? Like are they doing anything to prevent you guys from getting it?

Caller: Actually, they’re not really like doing nothing. They’re more like mixing people from like other yards.

Like they’re bringing people that were sick from the COVID to our …

They were mixing us. And that’s how I ended up catching it. And what they’re doing, a lot of these correction officers are letting people from other buildings, they’re allowing other inmates to come in our building.

And people end up catching it like that. And that’s how I ended up catching it. There’s a lot of correction officers that don’t wear a mask. You know, they’re telling other inmates to put on their mask, but they’re the ones bringing it in. And they’re not wearing their mask.

UCI: Yeah. And what is troubling our concerning to you about this situation?

Caller: Well, I don’t think they’re doing their job right. I don’t think they’re being like that professional. You know? Because it’s like they don’t really care about us. You know, so I think what they need to do is like plan out the program a little more. Not letting other inmates come into our building that don’t even belong in this building. You know?

And for them to stop mixing people from other yards. Like for them bringing other people from other yards over here to this yard. Because that’s how they’re getting other people sick. That’s how I think everybody’s getting sick because the numbers keep going higher and higher. And then it’s costing more deaths. And they’re not like really taking too many things too serious. Now they’re like, like if it’s a joke when it’s not a joke.