They feel outcasted

This story was told by a person incarcerated at Chuckawalla.

Caller: Well, it – it just kind of doesn’t make sense because you have a yard that’s healthy and then they’re bringing inmates from reception now. We receive –

UCI: Oh, okay.

Caller: We got some from Tracy and we got some Wasco. So they’re bringing these non-infected inmates or potentially infected inmates to our yard, and basically everybody is apprehensive and unknown and – it – we kind of, like, put our guard up does he got it? Does he not? And –

UCI: Okay.

Caller: – basically they feel outcasted because we basically know who’s in our environment and now you’re bringing somebody new. Is he going to get us sick? Is he going to get us sick? Is he going to get the building quarantined? So a lot of anxiety and frustration built up. And then people haven’t seen their family or loved ones, so it’s just accumulation of things on stress. Like, it’s on somebody’s shoulders.