Making me work

This story was told by a person incarcerated at Chuckawalla.

UCI: How have you been coping?

Caller: Well, actually, not really good because they keep making me go to work and I don’t want to go in there, but it’s – you can only do the best you can with these people because they don’t care about us. They have no care in the world about us. In fact, today the building that’s down, that’s on quarantine right now, the officers that work in there are coming over here to work in here.

And I’m, like, what are they doing? That don’t make no sense. You got two cops coming in here that’s working in the quarantine building and they coming in here to work. And I’m, like, wow. This is – it’s ridiculous the things they’re doing. And it’s – it’s – it just keeps happening. And they won’t stop doing it.

They don’t care about us. So, you know, it’s – it’s not really much I can really cope with around here with this, just – just try to just do what I can to just survive in here. I don’t want to go – I don’t want to get a 115, but I – I have to go to work, so – and I don’t need it because they already gave me one and I got to go to the board. So if I go to the board with that 115, they’re not going to let me go home.

So I don’t – I really don’t – I really can’t tell you any much, you know, too much more about it because they – it’s just they don’t care.