Negligent staff

This story was told by a person incarcerated at Chuckawalla Valley State Prison.

Caller: Okay. Well, the virus has broken out over here at this prison.

In the beginning, staff was very loose and negligent with moving inmates from yard to yard, building to building, quarantine certain inmates with positive – actually quarantine positive inmates with negative inmates at certain times. Then we had started doing temperature checks, vital checks, and as soon as someone had a high fever they would take them to center health.

Then a couple days – within a couple days of that, they’ll bring them back and mix them up with the negative – inmates that have tested negative. So the whole time we have been separated from each building. There’s three buildings on the yard. And they quarantine each building by themselves.

They were doing that for a period of time, and then after like a month or two, then they started letting – no, they started being a little loose with it again and – and letting us go out with other buildings when we weren’t supposed to. At times they would wear their mask, at times they wouldn’t. They would start enforcing rules and making sure we were six feet apart and doing that social distancing, and then, you know, like I say, you know, then things started getting loose and they’ll just let everyone roam around free again. Since then, medical staff hasn’t came in the building yet. They’d been doing it about once or twice a month with vital checks and temperature checks.

As far as testing, just today three block got tested – everybody in building three. There was two confirmed positive cases and earlier in the day they were issued an N95 mask. And four block and five block has yet to be issued N95 mask. We just have face cloths that they gave us about March or April.

Since then it’s been the same. You know, it’s just we’re – we’re still being quarantined from the other buildings. Three block right now is on quarantine, like I said, and they’ve been – they’ve been going to yard less and they going to the dining hall less, so they’re keeping us away from them. That’s pretty much it. It’s about the same thing every day, though.