Taking our property

This story was told by a person incarcerated at Solano.

Caller: Well, it’s kinda, you know, there’s stress part of it, because when you see on the news, you see people out there dying of this stuff, you know, and then, you know, we’re in here with, I mean there’s no type of medical, as far as like, you know, I was laying in the bunk the other day, I’m like, “Wow, I tested positive for this, you know, I could die in here you know?”

UCI: Mmhm.

Caller: You know, you got people out there on the streets that are on machines, ICU, and everything, and they’re dying. We’re just in here, you know, I’m just on my bunk, I’m not, you know, there’s, I don’t know what type of treatment they get on the streets as far as medication or whatever they can do, but you know, there’s nothing here. They come through and check our blood pressure through a temperature check, but that’s it, you know?

And you know, you have a lot of guys, like older guys in here, that like, they have a lot of underlying conditions you know, and you see the effects of that, it’s you know, it’s hurting a lot of these older guys, you know, 65, 70 years old in here, it affects them real bad. You know, they’re barely moving around, some are in wheelchairs, you know, and then they call themselves like, when you come out of the gym from testing positive, they take our property from us and keep it so they stay in isolation for three days, so then they just give us a bed roll and really nothing else and just send us into a building.

You know, well, they just started letting us bring hygienes when you come out the gym, but at first they wasn’t even doing that, you just end up dealing. You don’t have any toothpaste, deodorant, shower stuff, nothing, you know. And then, the only thing they provide you with is toilet paper and a bar of soap.

You don’t have any change of clothes. When they brought me out the gym I just had some shorts and a long sleeve shirt, and I put the jumpsuit over that, so I can at least have something on under it, because they were just giving us a paper jumpsuit, a pair of boxers, t-shirt, not even a t-shirt, and a pair of socks. And the building that I’m in is real cold, I for like, two days I couldn’t even wash the shirt I had on because I didn’t have nothing else to put on outside of that, you know.

UCI: Yeah.

Caller: So, it was real frustrating, just the way they do it, because then they call themselves isolating our property. And they got all our stuff like in the chapel, or in the kitchen. It’s like a warehouse just full of everybody’s stuff, and then the stuff is just in there you know, and guys would come up with this stuff, basically because then some guys go in there, they grab stuff that they shouldn’t be grabbing but they don’t even keep track of who’s grabbing what, you know, so you might go in there looking for your TV, and you look up, your TVs lost because somebody done took it, you know?