Transferring people

This story was told by a person incarcerated at Solano.

UCI: Is it different now than it was maybe at the beginning of COVID back in March?

Caller: Well, the difference from now, Solano, for a long time we didn’t have outbreaks and we didn’t have too many cases until they started transferring people in from New – Old Folsom around, let me see, maybe three weeks ago or maybe a little longer.

And then that’s when we started having cases. And then last week we had our first case in our building. But before that, another building, the 24 building, had an outbreak just in that building, and they isolated that whole building, took all of those guys out and put them in quarantine, and then rotated them back to the yard and back to the other building.

And once they rotated them back, then that’s when the outbreak happened in the 23 building and then isolated in the other buildings. But there’s maybe 40 guys left over in the 23 building right now. So, all this happened last week.